The Sterling Empowerment Mission

We are committed to helping youth from economically disadvantaged communities, and minorities coming from hardship, to achieve academic, career, and life success.

  • Academic Success

    Sterling Empowerment's online courses are infused with critical knowledge that will guarantee to result in the highest levels of Academic Success.

  • Career Success

    Sterling Empowerment has career focused curriculum that will provide students with a vision for their career path and the knowledge to conduct primary research to explore alternate paths. The Career Empowerment Curriculum is also inclusive of personal & professional development information that will take any person to new heights within their career path! This curriculum is the ultimate game changer!

  • Life Success

    If you're ready for true success in life and in your career path, look no further! Sterling Empowerment's online courses will get you on track for real results in real life!

The Benefits of Sterling Empowerment Training

  • Learn the skills and tools to be competitive in today's job market.

  • Learn how to be debt free and build wealth.

  • Ensure that you complete your college education with flying colors.

  • Ensure that you go on to successful, rewarding, and prosperous career and life.

Meet Sterling Mark

Your Teacher & Mentor

At a young age Sterling overcame poverty and hardship to become a world class professional, attaining a Bachelor's Degree in Business Marketing, and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. Mark speaks directly to these experiences that he has lived, providing tools for our unequipped youth and young adults, which is why he is known as the Millennial Motivator! And now he's made his mission to share his experience and wisdom and help others to succeed.

Sterling's Publications

Sterling has codified the wisdom he gleaned from his experiences and education into two comprehensive and helpful books. Pass the Torch - Student Success Workbook & Guide, is an educational resource that provides all the tools needed to help youth and young adults become outstanding students, and laying the groundwork for successful careers and lives. Pass the Torch - Facilitators Guide, is an educational resource that prepares others to teach Sterling's methodology and follow in Sterling's footsteps to help disadvantaged youth succeed. The courses available here are based on Sterling's books and provide a powerful online and self-paced learning experience.

Sterling's Passion to Help Others

Sterling's passion for helping disadvantaged youth was born from his own experience of overcoming his challenging and disadvantaged youth. Mark and his two siblings were raised by their mom without the presence of a father. His mom never had a stable job, didn't attend college, and fell into the trap of alcohol abuse to cope with her stressful life. These circumstances made Sterling's childhood one of hopelessness and despair.

After Sterling's sophomore year in high school, his mother moved away, and he was left homeless and ended up living in the streets. Sterling was on the road to becoming another lost soul when providence and determination combined, and he turned his life in a new direction.

After successfully completing college and starting a great professional career, he felt a strong calling to share the wisdom he had gleaned from his experiences and help other, less fortunate people. Sterling wants to help as many as possible to find their way out of disadvantage and hopelessness to prosperity.

Accolades for Sterling Empowerment

Love Your Work!

Leah Wallace, M.B.A

Mr. Mark, Pass the Torch ~ Professional Development Workbook & Guide is awesome! Your testimony is inspiring and I like the way you incorporate basic business knowledge into life lessons, like branding and SWOT. I absolutely love your idea and your passion for what you are doing is real!

Helped Me Immensely!

Patsy Elrod, Angelina College Student

Pass the Torch ~ Professional Development Workbook & Guide has helped me more than any other book that I have read in my life.

"Sterling is Amazing"  — Scott Flowers

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Sterling Empowerment

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